About us

FEDUS was started in 2020 by Cheeku Technologies, the way internet penetration is happening in India and the culture of working from home is going on. Along with this, the demand for network accessories is increasing very fast.

Due to this increasing demand, Cheeku Technology started as a small company Which used to sell other Brand network accessories to customers.

After working with other brands for 2 years we got relies that network accessories brands in India don't take Indian consumers very seriously their primary concern is only and only on exporting their product to other countries,

Whatever one or two big brands make quality products, they do not pay attention to the Indian market and the bands whose focus was on the Indian market were making very cheap and very poor-quality products in India.

As good quality network accessories are available for buyer in foreign countries, the same quality network accessories are not available for Indian buyer while Indian buyer also wants to use good products.

Looking at this gap, we launched Brand FEDUS in 2020, where our mission was to provide good quality network accessories at a very reasonable price to Indian buyers

within these 3 years, we have sold more than 1 million products and we are  a top AMAZON brand in the network accessories category

We have made our products according to Indian conditions, our products work in the minus temperature of Kashmir in the same way as they do in the 55-degree temperature of Rajasthan.

We also believe that quality should not be restricted. In today's day and age, information has become more and more accessible, with data volume requirements rising, keeping your hardware up to date is more important than ever. With the growth of the internet, we’ve also seen the rise of more and more talented creators, musicians and artists producing quality content for the world around them, only to be held back by lackluster or outrageously pricey hardware available to them online. We’ve made it our mission to put an end to this barrier by dedicating our research and development to continuing developing high-quality and economical products, ensuring essential innovations are made accessible to all.

All the big names in the category of network accessories are foreign, so we want to be the first band in India Whose products can be bought in foreign countries as well